The Committee


Mrs Nicola Munday


Hon Secretary
Mrs Valerie Locks


Hon Treasurer

Mrs Janet Carrington

Membership Secretary
Mrs Audrey Carson


Programme Secretary

Mrs Linda Cox

Visits Organisers

Mrs Lis Goodwin

Mrs Susan Smith


Days of Special Interest/Young Arts

Mrs Diana Meteyard



Mrs Linda Ames (Heritage Volunteers)

Mrs Gina Johnson (Visitors)

Mrs Pamela Percy (Technical Support)

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The Arts Society West Essex



November 2019 to October 2020


From November 2019 our society enjoyed the varied programme of interesting lectures chosen by our programme secretary, Linda Cox.  A guided London Walk and a visit to the Museum of Brands, followed by a fascinating tour of the British Library and Drapers’ Hall were organised by Lis Goodwin and Susan Smith.  The festive lunch was filled to capacity with 105 members in Theydon Bois Village Hall (TBVH) and organised to the last detail by Valerie Locks.  The raffle organised by Sheila Turnbull and Daphne Bowe raised £584.52 thanks to the generosity of our members and committee who donated the prizes.  This sum was donated to St Clare’s Hospice. 


Two Days of Special Interest were organised by Diana Meteyard in November and March so thankfully not affected by the emergence of the Covid 19 pandemic and the ensuing closure of TBVH. 

Our team of Heritage Volunteers, under the wing of Linda Ames, completed two sessions at Copped Hall this year, one practising ‘socially distanced gardening’ and the other inside the mansion, caring for the collection of silver, brass, copper, porcelain and the furniture in the state rooms.  The final session is due to take place on Saturday prior to the Open Day on Sunday 11th October.


During this period from late March until late June we kept in touch with one another thanks to Zoom committee meetings and monthly newsletters all sent out to our members thanks to Ian and Valerie Locks and their MailChimp skills and hand delivered to those members without an internet connection.

The Arts Society provided Ian Locks and me with the skills needed to produce Zoom Webinar lectures to our members which we started up in July and plan to continue for the near future.  Since September we have been allowed to invite small numbers of members in to TBVH for lectures and until restrictions are lifted this is how we shall have to continue.  


This past year we should have been celebrating our 50th anniversary of WEDFAS/TASWE.  The embroidered banner which had been made so beautifully by Sheila Turnbull and her talented team had to be unveiled to our members by way of a photograph in our April Newsletter.  We are planning to display the banner at our October lecture in TBVH.  The 50th anniversary lunch has been postponed until 5th May 2021. 


Our Treasurer, Janet Carrington,  suggested that the subscriptions for this coming year be reduced to £35 to reflect the non-payment of lecturers’ fees and non-hire of the hall for three months.  Renewals of subscription were pleasingly high at 256 out of 285.  Many thanks to Audrey Carson, our membership secretary, for handling this so well.  This figure shows that our members appreciate the work of our committee and audio-visual team to keep our society running during this difficult period. 


Valerie and Ian Locks organised an Arts & Crafts Coffee Morning on Zoom which was enjoyed by many of our members.  We were able to showcase some of the varied art work our members had time to work on during lockdown. 


Despite most of our fund-raising activities having to be postponed for the foreseeable future your committee took the decision to make a charitable donation of £500 to Waltham Forest Arts Education Network to enable young artists with special needs to produce an exhibition of work reflecting the impact of Covid-19 on their lives.  We shall be able to show you a sample of this exhibition which is due to start this October on our loop and website.


Finally, it has been both a pleasure and a challenge to have been chairman of our thriving society this year and I hope we shall be in a position in the near future to welcome many more of you into TBVH for a return to live lectures.

Chairman Mrs Nicloa Munday