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Mrs Valerie Locks


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Mrs Janet Carrington

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Mrs Audrey Carson


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Mrs Linda Cox

Visits Organisers

Mrs Lis Goodwin

Mrs Susan Smith


Days of Special Interest/Young Arts

Mrs Diana Meteyard



Mrs Linda Ames (Heritage Volunteers)

Mrs Gina Johnson (Visitors)

Mrs Pamela Percy (Speaker Technical Support)

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The Arts Society West Essex



November 2020 to October 2021



Chairman’s Report for the year September 2020 – August 2021 Firstly, I would like to read you a letter sent to me by John Humberston, one of our members of TASWE: Dear Nicola, I wish to thank you and the other members of the committee of The Arts Society, West Essex for the generous gift of two bottles of whisky presented to me by Janet Carrington for checking the accounts of the Society.


Janet does such a splendid job as Treasurer in presenting the accounts in a clear and accurate manner that checking them is relatively simple, and she deserves the profound gratitude of all members of the Society for her hard work. I shall be happy to check the Society's accounts next year if required. With regards, John Humberston In this letter John is mirroring my thoughts exactly. Janet and the other members of the committee have worked extremely hard, particularly over the last year and a quarter to get our society through the pandemic period more or less intact. We have lost just a few members due to unavailability of Theydon Bois Village Hall but this has meant that for the first time in decades we have been able to take from the waiting list all of those people who have been waiting, sometimes for years, as full members of TASWE. We now have 282 paid up members. Many more of us have participated in the Days of Special Interest on Zoom than usual. Members from other societies were able to join those participating from our own society and we made surpluses from these events in particular. No less than 80 people signed up for the Art, Music and Literature in Russian Society by Rosamund Bartlett and we had the memorable experience of our lecturer having to use her next door neighbours WiFi by sitting on her staircase to broadcast her second lecture. Thank you to Diana Meteyard for organising the Days Of Special Interest for us. I would like to thank Marion for making our coffee and Ralph for putting out our chairs when we have been able to get into our hall. Thank you to Ian Locks, Ken Faulkner, Hugh Meteyard and Tony Heagren, our ‘tech team’. Despite the problems we have experienced with poor internet connections, particularly here in the Village Hall, we have go through this difficult period together which has enabled us to continue to donate sums of money to local charities involved with the arts. From January to March, we ran a competition for all Epping Forest Primary School students in their final year. The theme was wildlife at Copped Hall because many of these children would normally have visited Copped Hall as part of their curriculum but were unable to due to restrictions. 48 beautiful drawings were submitted and our member, Sheila Turnbull, was elected to be one of the three judges. All of the children who participated were awarded certificates designed by Susan Smith with the logos of TASWE, The Copped Hall Trust and Epping Forest Cultural Festival with whom we worked on this competition. The four winners were awarded W H Smith Vouchers which were funded by TASWE. A donation was also made to Waltham Forest Arts Educational Network to prepare for an exhibition of Art based on the young peoples’ experiences during Covid. We also donated £100 for the fifth prize for the Essex Young Musician of the Year which was held at Budworth Hall, Ongar. Finally, we are making a donation, which is in the process of being match funded by The Arts Society, to Jubilee Lodge, our local Grange Farm branch of Revitalise who offer respite holidays to people of all ages with physical disabilities. The donation will go towards materials for arts and crafts sessions, clay modelling sessions and theatre trips for their residents. We are always looking out for local charities needing funding for projects involving the arts and would be pleased to hear from our members of any such organisations. Our team of Heritage Volunteers have done four sessions at Copped Hall over the past year. Thank you to Linda Ames for organising these for us. Our programme of visits was disrupted over the past year but Lis Goodwin organised two memorable walking tours for us. In February many of us signed up for the walking tour of the Dorsodouro area of Venice and in March for the tour of Oslo. Our guides actually live in the areas covered and through Zoom we were able to walk the streets with them and hear their fascinating stories. Lis also organised the Winchester Holiday for September 2020 but this had to be postponed until September 2021 and those who have just returned enjoyed themselves very much going by the photographs you will have seen in your newsletter and on our society’s website. After this AGM and today’s lecture most of us are going to Mulberry House, Ongar, to enjoy our society’s 50th Anniversary celebration lunch, albeit postponed by 18 months. Thank you to Valerie Locks for organising this for us. We have one founder member from 1970 still with us, Anne McConnell, and I’m sure Anne will not mind if I tell you that today is also her 95th birthday. We would like to congratulate Anne with this gift from us all and look forward to raising our glasses to the fiftieth anniversary of The Arts Society West Essex

Chairman Mrs Nicloa Munday

until Oct 2021

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