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Chairman’s Report for the Year 2018-2019


It has been a pleasure to be chairman of our society for the past year and I am looking forward to being chairman for the coming year when we shall be celebrating our 50th anniversary.  Sadly, we only have one of the founding members still with us, Anne McConnell.

I would like to thank the ten members of the committee for all their hard work and dedication this year.  

Firstly, Janet Carrington, who has completed another year as our society’s treasurer. Also, I should like to thank John Humberston, the examiner of our accounts.

As you know, we are not a profit-making organisation but with careful planning the organisers of the visits, days of special interest and the annual holiday sometimes make a surplus.  This year Janet allowed us to make donations totalling £1,200 to three local charities – I hope you have seen on the notice board the photos of the perimeter wall of the Gnome House Community Arts Centre in Waltham Forest before and after the painting of the mural of wildflowers.  With our donation of £500 to pay for materials and the help of professional artists, this was undertaken by children aged 5 – 14, some with special educational needs. 

The second donation of £250 was given Voluntary Action Epping Forest to pay for the creation of a decorative ceramic wall plaque by young people with learning difficulties to decorate the community garden in Epping on the market store land adjacent to Marks & Spencer. It consists of raised leaf design tiles inspired by a visit to The William Morris Gallery and by walks in Epping Forest.  

 Finally, the Christmas raffle raised £450 which paid for the art teacher at The Box in Epping to attend a three day course at The British Association of Art Therapists. The Box provides a programme of activities for young people aged 11 – 16 who have Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs.

Thank you to Diana Meteyard who organised these donations and who has also been working on Church Trails for both St Mary’s and the Baptist church in Theydon Bois.  The Church Trails are currently being produced in place of the many years of Church Recording which this society undertook for over 40 years, lastly under the leadership of Angela Peachey.  Diana also organised the two Days of Special Interest, namely Johan Sebastian Bach with Peter Medhurst and 25 Great Paintings You Should Know with Val Woodgate.  Due to your excellent support of these sessions a large surplus was made which we were able to donate to the afore- mentioned charities.  

Thank you to Lis Goodwin who has organised visits to Salters Hall, Waddesdon Manor, two exhibitions with lectures at Tate Britain, Angels Theatre Costumes, Higgins Gallery & Bunyan Museum, Bedford, A Guided walk in the City of London and Penshurst Place, Kent.  Also the superbly organised holiday which was greatly enjoyed by 45 of our members.  My thanks also to Susan Smith, our co-opted committee member, who has been working alongside Lis on organising the visits this year.

Thank you to Audrey Carson for organising our membership so efficiently. I am very pleased to report that our society is thriving with a full membership of 285 and 31 people on the waiting list. Would those of you who haven’t collected their programme cards for 2019-2020 please do so after the meeting.

The two other new members of the committee have carried out their roles successfully – Gina Johnson has organised the non-member visitors to our meetings and attended a course provided by The Arts Society Head Office on Confident  Speaking and Linda Ames has taken over organizing our group of twelve Heritage Volunteers who mainly work at Copped Hall on the Saturdays preceding the Open Days and the Apple Day to re-organise, polish and lay out the collections of ceramics, silver ware and glass for the opening of the mansion to the public.  

I should like to thank all the people involved in actually producing the monthly lectures.  Linda Cox has been our Programme Secretary for many years now and has chosen a varied selection of fascinating topics by The Arts Society accredited lecturers at the annual Directory Day which she attends on our behalf in London. Thank you to our projection team headed up by Ian Locks, Ken Faulkner, Tony Heagren, Martyn Duncombe and Chris Marshall.  Thank you also to Pam Percy who is the committee member who handles the audio-visual system, lighting in the hall etcetera.  Our thanks also go to Frank Bell, the Hall Manager and Ralph Bickers who puts out all the chairs for us. Our lectures are preceded by complimentary coffee and biscuits which gives our members a chance to socialise and this is organised by Marion Oliver.  Thank you Marion.  This year Marilyn Quarteer has been helping out with the coffees and will be doing so until the December meeting.  Thank you for your generous giving of time Marilyn, and if any of you feel you would like to volunteer to do this next year we should be very grateful and it is a good way of getting to know other members.  

Finally, I should like to thank Valerie Locks, our extremely efficient secretary and public relations organiser for all her hard work and support this year.

During the year to come we can look forward to the unveiling of the 50th anniversary banner being produced by Sheila Turnbull’s talented team of needle workers who have been busy working on this project for the last few months.  We have other celebrations planned and will keep you informed.

Chairman Mrs Nicloa Munday

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